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Jet-Plus V4 - Now available at reduced price $20AUD

Jet-Plus V4 has been updated with a new Activation process that has enabled a major reduction in price. It has also been updated to be Vista and Windows 7 compatible, the Trial period changed from 15 sessions to 60 days, the addition of a Printable graphic chart function (Registered users only), and updated help and Hints & Tips files.
Please download it from the downloads page now.

New Features in version 4 are

A new Activation process that only requires you to click a button to send the required details via email to DPR, and then enter the code provided by return email into the box on the Registration screen.

The ability to print a graphic chart that can be use as a ready reference without the need for a computer at the race track.

Printed Chart Example

The vehicle configuration process is still the same but has been updated to meet new Windows requirements as has every other Jet-Plus window. Vehicle Configuration window

And to help you with configuration or any other aspect of Jet-Plus we have updated the context sensitive help, at the touch of the F1 key Jet-Plus help will open at the topic related to the current window or the selected item on the current window. This makes it easy to find the help you need. Click here to download or view the online help file.

Minimum System Requirements

Jet-Plus min requirements: A PC running Microsoft Windows XP or later, Microsoft DotNet Framework V2.0, Internet Explorer V5.01 or later, Pentium CPU with 40mb RAM and 320mb free HDD space (including Framework installation).

Jet-Plus History

Jet-Plus was originally developed as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for our own use with the Rotax Max FR125 go kart engine in 2001. After returning from the Rotax Max world final in Puerto Rico, we then realised how important it was to have some sort of guide to choose the right jet when racing in a new environment. As other drivers noticed what we were doing we were getting them ask if they could buy it, so it was then made available for the modest price of $70AUD. To make it a worthwhile package we added a section containing notes on all the major maintenance issues and problems we had found during our extensive testing and racing, including all our own ideas that would normally not be available outside a team environment.

In 2003 we decided to redevelop the spreadsheet into a professional PC application using the new Microsoft DotNet development tools, and Jet-Plus Version 2 was released in December 2003. We had always wanted to make Jet-Plus configurable for all types of race vehicles and that ability was built in but required considerable technical support. Version 3 was completely redesigned to make Jet-Plus "User Configurable" and easy to use. Version 4 was designed to make registration a much easier task so that we could reduce the cost, and the added printable chart now makes it a necessary item to have in your toolkit.

Click here for Technical Information relating to fuel mixture calculation.

To Purchase Jet-Plus please goto the Downloads page and download it now. Or for more information, please contact DPR at

Jet-Plus V4 Price is now only $20AUD + tax if applicable.

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