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This is the software to get you ahead of the competition.

Jet-Plus Version 4 - NOW AVAILABLE and at the reduced price of $20AUD
Can now be user configured for, and is suited to, almost all types of race vehicles.

Vehicle templates included are:
Rotax Max, Rotax Junior Max, Rotax DD2, Rotax Max 125cc Restricted, and Rotax MiniMax, Go Karts,
F1 Tunnel Speed Boat with ECU Controlled fuel injection system,
Sprint Car with fuel injection system using bleed off pills,
Commodore Cup Car,
Honda CRF450 and Kawasaki KX250 Motocross bikes.

There are more vehicle templates available for download on the Vehicle Downloads page.

  • Rotax Max 125 EVO
  • Rotax DD2 EVO
  • Rotax Junior Max EVO
  • Rotax Mini Max EVO
  • Rotax Micro Max EVO
  • Vortex Junior Rok
  • Vortex Mini Rok

  • Download Jet-Plus vehicle files for import here

    Jet-Plus is software for calculating the correct jetting or fuel control setting for your race vehicle to suit the current ambient conditions. Jet-Plus comes configured ready to use for Rotax Max FR125 Go Kart engines for use in Sprint Kart racing. It is also suited to, and user configurable for almost any type of race vehicle.

    Jet-Plus is a simple user-friendly PC application designed for helping you, or your race data analyst, tune your race engine fuel system to get the best performance in the prevailing ambient conditions.

    When you have two different fuel set-ups that work very well, Jet-Plus provides the ability to calculate the fuel set-ups for all other conditions allowing you to spend more time getting the rest of your vehicle set-up right, knowing that the fuel mixture is going to be very close to ideal.

    Jet-Plus has been around for a few years, and Version 4 is now available. The major enhancements are a 60 day trial period with much simpler registration process, and the ability to print a graphic chart for the selected vehicle that can be used as a quick reference without the need for a computer at the race track.

    Jet-Plus V4 has retained all the features of earlier versions, and has updated help to cover the new features and all other help has been revised, all at the touch of the F1 key. Click here to see the on-line help (Click here to see the on-line help file for V4)

    Free Software for Testing

    We are continually looking for people with all types of race vehicles other than Rotax Max to do basic testing of the new software, and in return we will provide you with a FREE licence for Jet-Plus and all the help we can, to get you performing. If you would like to be part of the development program please use the form on the contact page to leave your contact details and we will contact you ASAP.

    To Purchase Jet-Plus please click on the Buy Now option in the left pane or contact DPR at

    Jet-Plus V4 Price is now only $20AUD + tax if applicable.

    Click here to find out more about jet-plus


    Jet-Plus V4 is now available at the reduced price of $20AUD (+tax if applicable).
    Click here to find out more about jet-plus

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