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DPR has been racing Go Karts since 1989. We started when a 15 year old boy came home from school one day, and said to his Mum and Dad "I think I would like to race a Go Kart, can I buy one? Since then the Davidson family has been intensely involved with Karting.

Brett was the first of three brothers to start, and with his brother Mark doing some pit crewing he soon got the bug and started racing the following year.

John Davidson, Brett and Mark's father, has been turned into the team manager / head mechanic / engine builder, and has been responsible for developing the very competitive engines for the team.

Darren Davidson, the eldest of the three brothers started racing in 1993 and raced successfully for about three years and then moved on to other things. Darren was third at the Victorian State Open Championships in his first year. He had many successes but unfortunately a state or national championship win eluded him. In his final race he won the 1996 Oakleigh Club Championship in Senior National.

During our years of racing DPR has always had to race with about half the budget of the average club karter, so we had to learn how to do the work ourselves. We had a limited amount of support from many karting businesses including Macrow Engines, Trackside Spares, and Drew Price Engineering. We had to be able to build our own engines because we didn't have the funds to pay someone to do it. Peter Macrow helped considerably by lending Mark a Yamaha 'J' engine which was the first engine we ever rebuilt totally under Peter's supervision. Since then John has spent thousands of hours developing our Yamaha's to perform equal to any engine in Australia.

Mark and Brett switched over to racing Rotax Max FR125 for year 2000, and both achieved their goal, winning a place in the Australian team to race at the Rotax Max Challenge World Final in Puerto Rico.

Mark retired from racing in 2001, and Brett retired from racing at the end of 2003, but eighteen months later made a return in 2005 and retired again early in 2010.

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