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Driver Education

Brett Davidson
Australian National
Rotax Champion

Pit crew and driver
education services.
$200/day some
0438 800 845 or

Kartsportnews is Australias premier karting web site
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Rotax Engines

Download Jet-Plus V4.0.1.0 FREE for evaluation.

Jet-Plus will run for 60 days on the installed licence giving you ample time to evaluate it for your purpose, it will then require Activation to function. The Activation Code is provided when registration is completed and payment confirmed.

Important Information:
Jet-Plus V4 requires the Microsoft DotNet Framework V2.0 to be installed prior to installing Jet-Plus.
Use the Install option from your Zip program to install Jet-Plus. If you do not have the DotNet Framework V2.0 installed it will ask you to download and install it from the Microsoft website. It is about 24mb and will take considerable time to download on a dial-up connection.
If you are not running Windows XP SP2 or later you may have to install the DotNet Framework.

Click here to download Jet-Plus V4.0.1.0

Download new Vehicle files for use with Jet-Plus.

As information becomes availabe for different vehicle types we will make them available for download here.
We currently have vehicle data for these vehicles.
  • Rotax Max 125 EVO
  • Rotax DD2 EVO
  • Rotax Junior Max EVO
  • Rotax Mini Max EVO
  • Rotax Micro Max EVO
  • Vortex Junior Rok
  • Vortex Mini Rok

  • Download Jet-Plus vehicle files for import

    Download Jet-Plus Logo

    J Davidson Engineering Cadd Services
    proud sponsors of
    Davidson's Precision Racing
    Click here to find out more about jet-plus This is the software to get you ahead of the competition.
    Jet-Plus is a simple user-friendly PC application designed for helping your race data analyst tune your race engine fuel system to get the best performance in the prevailing ambient conditions.

    Jet-Plus Version 4 NOW AVAILABLE, but we still need people to do testing on new vehicle types. Click here for details. Click here to find out more about jet-plus

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